Korean Day – Korean Festival in Jogja

0910.051Watching Korean Drama can make us happy, especially Comedy romantic genre. I have loved Korean Drama since I watched Endless Love drama. Do you still remember the drama? I do not discuss I just want to tell you about Korean day and Korean Festival that I have ever attended.

My friend and I used to attend the Korean Day at FIB UGM. Korean Major often makes a Korean event. We called the event “Korean Day.” We have visited the event more than three times. There were a lot of agendas during Korean Day such as Workshop, watching together Korean Films, Korean Food Festival, and Korean Handbook photo session. We could taste Kimchi or another Korean food and took some cute photos while wearing handbook, Korean traditional costume. My friend and I also watched Korean horror or comedy film at the event. Because of the film occurred at evening and finished at 8.p.m, we often felt scary when we went to our dormitory house. Sometimes, we were difficult to sleep because the horror film.


Besides attended Korean day, we also joined Korean Festival. The event was made by UKDW University, Language Major. My friend and I have attended this event more than twice. In this event, we could find many agendas. There were workshop, Korean Handbook Photo session, Korean Food and food culinary, and K-pop show. We could see people sung Korean songs. In this event, we had to pay for handbook photo session different from Korean Day. If at Korean Day, we paid less than five thousand rupiah, in the Korean Festival event we have to pay more than twenty thousand rupiah. It was because, we did not use ours camera. Photographer took us photos with high-resolution camera. Besides that, we could enjoy some food culinary. There were many varieties of food, not only Korean food but also others food. We could eat Japanese food, Indonesia food, and American fast food.

risty 10

Both of the events are very interesting and attract us. We enjoyed the event and enjoyed the food. I do not much about the event today; I hope the event is still available. Hope the event brings much positive effect for us. Do not forget loving Indonesia culture although we love foreign culture.


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