Attending Yukata Workshop – Center for Japanese volunteer

Do you know Kimono or Yukata? If you love Japan or Japanese Culture, I believe that you know about those Japanese traditional costumes. I had an experience about Yukata Workshop. I attended the workshop at Center for Japanese Studies UGM. Many participants joined the workshop. A number of participants like Japan and its culture. We got some information about Yukata, its history, and a way to wear yukata from this workshop. After that, we tried to wear the yukata with workshop instructors and student from Japan. Wearing yukata is not difficult. How to dress Yukata are far easier than how to dress Kimono. After trying wearing Yukata, we took some photos and talk to each other about this workshop.

0910.049 0910.061
After I attended the workshop, I decided to be a volunteer at Center for Japanese Studies. I joined to the place every Saturday. I followed to promote Japanese culture to people who like Japan. We used to discuss about Japanese culture such as Ramen phenomena, Kimono, Anime, Comic, study, and others culture. Besides that, we also watched Japanese culture films or videos then we discuss them. Some of my friends also share their experience when they lived in Japan. They gave me much information about living and studying in Japan.



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