Cikacang Waterfall in Ujung Kulon National Park


Hiking is a part of sport activities. We did hiking to reach a waterfall. The location is at Ujung Kulon National Park. We were invited to go there by boys at Ujung Jaya Village. We walked together to reach the place. We went through citizen houses, rice fields, forest, and deep forest. After walking for two hours, we arrived there. We found a waterfall and a little flowing water on stones. They call the waterfall, Cikacang Curug.

The boys and a part of my friend prepare cooking rice and burning fish. The food was cooked with fire and wood. While they cooked, others friend took a bath or swim in little river near the waterfall. We girls did not swim, we just filled our feet into the water and took some photos, and so did my other friends.

After food is cooked, local citizen and we prepared the food and enjoyed the food. It was delicious food. After eating, our fiends continued taking a bath and the boys of local citizen did too. The waterfall is good panorama and it has to be visited.


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