Enjoying North Alun – Alun Jogja in the Evening


My friends and I used to look for some food for dinner when we were students at University. One of the food places is some traditional food at North Alun-alun in Jogja. There are many food stalls around the Alun-alun. We can find traditional food until fast food. We can find bakmi Java, angkringan, es potong, ice cream, corn roasted, and other food. The food price is cheap whereas the food taste is delicious.

The North alun-alun is always lively. Some people enjoy the place in evening until night, especially on Saturday evening-night. Most of them are a couple who have a love relationship. Nevertheless, there are also some families, young communities, and the others in the Alun-alun. Some children play fireworks, eat ice cream, play cycle, and other activities. Besides that, we can see a lot of pengamen who entertain in public for donations and beggars. Perhaps they make us uncomfortable but we do not worry about them! They do not disturb us. We just prepare some coin for donations.

Sometimes, we can find a music performance, art exhibitions, traditional exhibition, and others entertain activities. So if you want to enjoy your night in Jogja. You can try to visit North Alun-alun. Do not forget to take some picture. Use your eyes and mind to see many social phenomena!


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