Playing like childreen at Taman Pintar


Visiting an amusement park with children is good activity especially educating park. We give the children not only entertainment but also useful information. If you interested in educating park, you can visit Taman Pintar-science park.

Although we are not children again, we also interested in the Taman Pintar Park. The park is located in Jalan Penembahan Senopati No. 1-3 Yogyakarta- Indonesia. It is next to Verderberg Port. This park is one of favorite theme park in Yogyakarta especially for children and their parents. The parents can invite their children to visit and looking some information about science. Taman Pintar park opens daily; on Sunday- Friday from 9 a.m. to 16 pm, on Saturday-Sunday from 8.30 a.m. to 8 p.m., and it will closed on Monday except National Holidays or School holiday seasons. We can pay a ticket but we cannot buy a ticket for all building at the park. We just can buy ticket per building.

There are four parts of this park. Therefore, we must pay for entering the building one by one. We pay for five hundred rupiah per kid about 2-7 years old at PAUD Building, One thousand rupiah per kid and two thousand rupiah per adult at Memorabilia building, Five thousand rupiah per kid and ten thousand rupiah per adult at Oval and Square Building, and to enter Theater 3D we must pay fifteen thousand rupiah per person. If you only want to visit playground of Taman Pintar, we need not to pay. It is free!

At playground, we can see a big gong. We called it “Gong Perdamaian Nusantara” besides the gong; there are many interesting games in Playground area such as Dancing Water, Shaking Bridge, Stone Forum, Singing walls, and the other games.

The other buildings have a function itself. PAUD building is a place for children under seven years old, this building is divide to be two building; west building and east building. Each of building has many rooms. Such as technology and science rooms, library, cultural and regional room in west building whereas Kids computer room, Karaoke and performance room, adventure room in eat building. Besides PAUD building, there is Oval Building that has many room and games too such as a huge and high circular room, surviving form Dinosaurs, earthquake simulator, tsunami detector and simulator, and others. We have tried to come into earthquake simulator. When the simulator begins, we are as if in real earthquake. It is very scary. We also can find a 4D Theater in Square building.

We enjoyed all the rooms and all the games. It is very amazing day! You can do it too, please come to the Taman Pintar Science Pak!


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