Kolong Tangga children museum


Do you like children? I like them so much. Because of it, I joined to a children foundation, Yayasan Dunia Damai – Kolong Tangga Children Museum. We often call the foundation “Museum Anak Kolong Tangga.” It is because location of the foundation under the stair at Taman Budaya Building 2nd floor, jalan Sriwedari No. 1 Yogyakarta next to Bookstore Shopping Center.



Mr. Rudi Corens who loves children and toys build this foundation. The foundation concentrates on traditional children toys and how to conserve its. The toys are come from Indonesia and all around the world. I joined to library Division whereas my friends joined to others divisions such as Workshop Division, Museum division, and the others. We attended the foundation one or two times per a week. Because of I was in Library Division, we volunteers encourage in children’s interest to read more. My friend, Nana, introduced and described the toys in children toys museum. We have ever followed the carnival in 2010 as a volunteer at this foundation. We dress up our body like children. We brought property such as dolls. We enjoyed the carnival.

Today, Kolong Tangga Children Museum contents about nine thousand children toys and books. This museum also often creates workshops with children themes. Besides that, this museum also follows Jogja carnival and others activities in Jogja. In this museum, we can buy traditional toys and souvenirs. Money that you pay for buys the souvenirs or toys will use to help developing and protection of Kolong Tangga Museum. If you want to know about this museum you can follow this twitter @kolongtangga of visit this blog kolongtangga.blogspot.com

If you still remember your moment when you were child, visit this museum and you will find your toys in the past!P1020956


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