Enjoying sunset at Ujung Jaya Beach


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Going to the beach is never ends. I love beach so much! I cannot reject a magic of beach. I always miss the beach when I am far from it. Today, my mind cannot forget to write about the beach. Therefore, I will tell you about my trip in one of beaches in Ujung Kulon area. Location of the beach is a place where we did our KKN, Ujung Jaya Village.

Despite the beach is far from our place, we always visited the beach together with local citizen or children. We also visited the beach for travelling or following the citizen to do their local tradition. For example; a few days before Fasting or Ramadan month, the citizens always do tradition activity at this place. People and their family come and bring some food to the beach. They cook rice and many side dishes of food on the sand. They turn on fire to cook. They burn fishes or chickens and make a bowl of chili pepper sauce. After cooking the food, they will put it on a leaf of banana. After that, they will eat together. Children also take a part of this tradition; they also do the same activity but use simple food. They bring rice and noodle as food. After that cook and eat together. It is very funny but interesting. My friends and I followed their tradition and it was very nice experience.

Ujung Jaya citizen call the beach is Ujung Jaya Beach. We often visited this place during we were living there. My friends and I had visited this beach more than three times. The first time we visited it, we drugged with the beach.


The beach has white sand, small sharp coral, beautiful view, and sand that appear at noon until sunset. The sand only appears every at noon or withdraw time and disappears at sunset time, when the tide is coming in. The sand is so long about 1 kilometer from the beach. The place is very beautiful. We can walk and catch fish from the area, there are many fish surrounding it. It is very amazing experience. If we wanted to wait it until sunset, we will see the beautiful sunset. However, we must be careful and remember a warning from citizen. We not to go to beach until sunset time, it is dangerous.

The beach is not far from our house, it is about two or three kilometers. We could walk to reach the place. When we walked, we would find many things; citizen houses, Wide River, rice field, tree and forest, underbrush with coconut trees and the last is the beautiful beach.

The spread of sand is the first view that we can see when we arrive at the beach. Blue sea is the second viewer, which we must see at this place. The other side we can enjoy sea wind with the sunlight. If we tired or feel hot we can sit under the tree while seeing the beach. Ujung Jaya beach has calm and slope slightly beach. Therefore, you can swim in this beach but you always must use your sandals. If you do not use it, your foot can hurt by the small sharp coral. Besides that, we can find fishermen and their boat, they catch fish on the sea. Sometimes, we can follow them if we know the local fisherman and we are brave to go to the sea. We also go to another island near the village from this beach. The local citizen provide a service if we want to go there. We can rent a small boat or big boat and they will accompany us to go there. This beach is still very natural, clean, and beautiful but it has not managed well by the local government. I hope this beach or other beaches, which are in Ujung Jaya Village, can become a beautiful and famous tourism someday. So, we must promote this beach and keep it natural and clean!


Let us visit this beach again, friends!


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