Want to see sunset on Taman Jaya Beach


Seeing sunset is interesting activity that I do not know what I like it to do. Sometimes we find a beautiful sunset with an egg yolk of sun but sometimes we cannot see it. When My friends and I went to Taman Jaya Village, we provided an opportunity to see the sunset. It was because we arrived at the village in the evening, sunset time. Unfortunately, the clouds were not friendly with us. The clouds covered the sunset. But God gave us a change, in the end we could see the sunset. It was great!


Although we almost could not enjoy the beautiful sunset, we enjoyed the beach. Taman Jaya beach is a beautiful beach. The characteristic of Taman Jaya beach almost alike Ujung Jaya Beach. However, there are many big coral reefs at this beach. Sand of the beach same as Tanjung Lame beach. The beach that I mention (Ujung Jaya and Tanjung lame) is our team area of KKN. There are mix of sand, little corals, and small shells. Besides that, the beach is so near from citizen houses. The beach is not far from our friends’ boarding house. The house was a place for did theirs KKN. When they opened the windows, they would see the beautiful beach a long day especially sunset.

This beach is famous than Ujung Jaya and Tanjung Lame beach. Taman Jaya beach has managed by the local government to be tourism village. We can see it from facilities that have provided by local community or government. I think the beach has managed well by them. There are a boat dock and boats that will accompany you to other places, such as islands near the village; Handeleum Island and Peucang Island. There are many local fishermen and they catch a lot of fish. Although the beach has been famous, it still natural and clean beach. Always keep clean the beach!


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