Solo Royal Palace; do not forget wearing your shoes


Going to some place by a train is a good trip. My friends and I made a plane to go Kraton Solo, Solo Royal Palace, by train. We wanted to go along with women railway car on Pramex train. Therefore, we did our plan. We went there in the morning and arrive there at 10 a.m. we started our trip from Lempuyangan Station to Solo Balapan Station. After arriving at Solo Balapan Station, we took a becak for two persons, a three-wheel taxicab, to go to the Royal Palace.

We arrived at Royal palace gate and walked for a few minutes to reach the Solo royal palace. There are some building at Solo Royal Palace; Main royal palace, Museum Kraton Solo, and a tower. After finding the ticket box, we paid for eight thousand rupiah per one adult ticket. We were ready to start visiting the Museum. We saw many rooms at the museum building. We visited the rooms one by one. We saw many goods about Solo and its history. We found so many traditional goods and household tools, ceramics, and many others. We also read the explanation of the goods. It gives us much information about its histories and functions of the goods.


After walking around the entire museum rooms, we continued our trip to the main area of the Solo Royal Palace. When we want to come into the area, the Palace guard stopped us. They said that if we did not wear shoes we must took off our sandals. So, some of us include me did not use footwear when we visited the main Royal Palace. After taking off the sandals, we come into the area. First, we saw an open area around the Royal Palace building. There are many trees at the yard. The yard area contents soil mix with sand. It is so hot at noon. Therefore, if you want to the Royal Palace, you should wear shoes. In this yard, there is a limit area that we can visit and cannot visit. Some warning boards give us information about the limit area. We cannot reach the Solo Royal Palace. We just can see the building and Royal Palace staffs from the Warning boards. We cannot come into and touch the building. it is not a big problem, every place has every rule for visitors. We also saw an old tower.


The tower is white and there is a little blue in part of the building. The tower looks nice and we took some photo near the towers. Besides that, we also make so many photos at the Royal Palace area. There is no a warning about not to take a picture in this place. We can take some picture at this area. So do not forget to bring your camera. Oh, I forget something. We also can buy many souvenirs in this palace. We can buy batik, blankon, craft, and other souvenirs.


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