Living in Ujung Jaya, Ujung Kulon National Park


Living in new and strange place is an amazing experience. I have some experiences about living in the place. In this addition, I will tell you about Ujung Jaya Village, Taman Nasional Ujung Kulon. The place is our place to do our KKN. We stayed there from June to August 2010. The number of us is eight persons and we had to finish our duties in this place. So we had to have big spirit and effort to finish it, besides that we also enjoyed these experiences.

I will tell you about many things in this Village especially about our experiences during we were there. When my friends and I were in Ujung Jaya Village, we got some experiences. Whatever it was good, bad, happy, or sad. I think not only about feeling but also about knowledge. We learned much knowledge, information, and human behavior or culture. I was very happy when I came to this village, so were my friends. I did not know much about the village although we have some information from our lecture about this place but in the real, we had to know by ourselves.

At the first time, we arrived in the village. Our lecture and we came at afternoon almost magrib time. We did know where we would live. So were confused, but our lecture and my friends tried to asked about the place where we would live here. After asking people and finding Village secretary we finally got a house to stay during, we did our KKN. We lived at a local resident’s house. District head own the house. We lived free at the house. Besides that, we had to pay our daily eating to Village secretary’s family. It did not matter; the best thing was we had to do our duties in this place. We had to did some KKN program in order community could get some information and knowledge to improve their capabilities. The programs were about some field, such as about knowledge in forest, community development, education, social, and etcetera. I do not tell you about our program now, maybe someday I will tell you about it.

After getting house, we came in house and we clean this house but not clean clearly. We were very tired because we have gone through along trip to this village. Therefore, we had to sleep soon. After sleeping well we got up and carried our lecture to go to Yogyakarta again. At the morning, we ourselves cleaned the house clearly and we planned our programs. First planning we had to do; we invited some local government and custom leader. We discussed a lot of problem in this village and we tried to help their problem with our ability. We made some big program and little program such as we made biogas program, growing cacao tree, plant training, health training, teach students at school, and many others. We did our programs while we enjoyed this village. We found human behavior, local community warning, and others. Besides we did our programs seriously, sometimes we also did trips to some interesting places. We went to Ujung Jaya beach, village waterfall, rice field, and others.

We very enjoyed doing our programs; they helped us to make our program clearly. We hope that our programs useful for them. They helped us about how to invite people to join in our programs, looked for material for build program tools, and many more. There were some experiences about social activities. It made us know about their behavior and culture. We learnt it more than we know before we came here. There was a curious behavior, which I always wanted to know in this village. Why they always said, “don’t know”. If we ask something about warning or important information about his village, some people, or almost all people often said, “I or we don’t know.” My friends and I have ever discussed about it. We asked each other why they said that if we asked them about something. My friend said that perhaps they did not want to open about something, which there is relationship about this village to new people or newcomer like us. They might be afraid. Whatever they said, we had to honor their human right. Beside that curious thing, there were behaviors or curious activities that we cannot to show it. It is our secret memories and we must honor their secret behavior/activities. You will know it if you live by yourself in that village. It is not only about behavior, it is about community culture in this village.


Although we found some curious things about the people or culture, we are very happy and thank to them about these experiences. Thanks to all of their help, service, friendly relationship, and all of valuable experiences during us lived in this village.


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