Taking pleasure on Bocor Beach

I have no plan to visit Bocor Beach. We just visited the beach accidentally. Because of Merapi eruption, my friend and I evacuate to my friend’s house in Kebumen regency, Central Java. We were dread of the eruption. Because of the reason, we tried to forget the eruption for a moment. My friend, Mbak Dina, said that there are many beaches in her city. Thus, she invited me to go to one of the beaches. She incited me to go to Bocor Beach. I heard the name of beach is familiar in Bahasa Indonesia. Bocor means leak in English. Bocor beach name comes from a name of region that the beach is located. The space of Bocor beach from the city is far enough. To reach the beach we have to take private vehicle.



The beach is similar as some of beach in Yogyakarta. Bocor beach contents black sand and slope beach. We could swim and play the seawater. Besides that, can also finding a little crab and fish on seashore. Besides that, we can shelter under the tree near form the beach. There are many little cemara udang tree at the beach area. There is an army field near the beach. The soldiers use the beach to try their skill.


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