Wanting to celebrate New Year on Njogan Beach


New Year and new hope, we hope that the next year will be better than this year. My friends invited me to join their New Year celebration at a region in Gunung kidul. They had a plan to celebrate the New Year. They wanted to camp near from the beach, Njogan Beach.


Therefore, we prepared to go there. We arrived at the evening after Magrib time. After arrived and sholat, we continued preparing our agenda. However the rain fallen, so we could not to camp near from the beach although we had brought some camping tools. It was okay, we decide to celebrate New Year at their KKN (community work program) house only. Thus, we did many things; we cooked rice, sauce, and burned a chicken. We also talk many things, my friend told about their KKN. After cooking the food, the time almost 12.00 we met at the main room together. We waited the New Year time. At 12.00, we said happy New Year to each other. After that, we enjoy eating our food and take some photos about the celebrating.


Next day at 1 January 2011, we went to Njogan beach and enjoying sea wind. This beach located AT Purwodadi Tepus, Gunung Kidul Regency, DI Yogyakarta. To reach this beach, we use motorcycle and walk to reach the beach. This beach is very scare but very awesome. We could see dancing sea waves and heard the sound of a crashing wave. It was very beautiful moment. Thank to my friends, they have invited me to visiting the beach. If you want to go to this beach, please do not wear red clothes. Someone asked Citra’s friend not to wear red clothe to visited this beach. He had to change her clothe if he wanted to visit this beach. This beach is still natural and we must keep it. We can see big karst stones and many pandan trees. We sat at the coral and enjoyed the dancing sea waves; sometimes the seawater sprinkles it to our body. Wow, it was amazing moment!



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