Japanese cosplay Event in Jogja


Do you like Japan, Anime, Tokusatsu, Manga, or all about Japan? I like it much! When I was a child, I always felt amazing when I watched Inuyasha Anime. I followed the anime until end. Since I knew the anime, I fell in love with anime and all of Japanese cultures include the language. I do not know why. I think not only me but also almost of Japanese fans go through the same condition like me. Because of the condition, I was became a fans of Japanese pop culture. I often watch Japanese dorama, movies, anime, manga, J-songs, and language. I am very interested to go to Japan. I believe someday, I will be there. Besides that, I also joined to fanfiction community to write a fiction story about my favorite anime and I came to Japanese culture events and so many cosplay events. I also joined to be a volunteer in Center for Japanese study Gadjah Mada University to promote Japanese culture and language. I enjoyed my activity and I meet some friends who like anime or Japan.

Today, I will tell you about my experience especially experience about Japanese event that I have ever came and enjoyed the situation. I had come more than five times. First, I came alone to the event at Vrederberg Port . I did not have friends to go together. so, I looked for a friend to see that event. I met a girl same as me. Finally, we enjoy the event together. Unfortunately, I did not have a camera to take photos yet.

On third semester, I met a friend, Dewi. She has a same hobby. Besides Dewi, I have another friend who likes Japan. Her name is Missy. We like all japan. She likes one-piece anime and I like bleach anime. We also like Japan dorama and film. We often rented dorama, anime, games, and horror film at DVD rent.

Because of the same hobby, we used to visit many Japanese Events and Cosplay events. We have visited more than five times Japanese Event in Yogyakarta. We were very excited if we attended to the event. We used to take photos with many cosplayer and their customs. We get used to taking photos with the cosplayers every Japanese event. Sometimes, we knew the cosplayers and so did they. The experience looked crazy but I was very amazing experience when we were student at University. The best cosplayers’ costume and show that I have ever seen is Bleach costume from Amanogawa community. They prepared all of their costumes and voice records.


Besides that, we also enjoyed eating Japanese food, which were sold at the event. We have eaten many Japanese foods such as Ramen, Takoyaki, Japanese omelet, sushi, and the others. We have never eaten dorayaki since we joined to Japanese event. I never have a challenge to eat Dorayaki. It was not a big problem; I hope someday I can eat dorayaki. Sometimes, we not only found cosplayer show but also traditional culture. We have ever seen omake- ghost house, origami, and Tokusatsu paper craft. These events is very interesting, I think the event are difficult to be forgotten.



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