An amazing landscape from Ratu Boko Temple


Seeing sunset or something from a high place is very amazing! We can see all of Panorama and it looks beautiful. Because of the reasons, my friend and I decide to visit Ratu Boko Temple. We visited for not only seeing Sunset but also seeing the temple. We wanted to know much about Ratu Boko Temple complex. We went to the temple by motorcycle and we were ready to capture the place.

The temple is a great and luxurious palace complex that was built in the eight century. The palace is located 196 meters above the sea level in Yogyakarta. From this palace, we can enjoy, feel peace, and see landscapes. We can see Yogyakarta city, Prambanan temple, and landscape of Merapi Mountain. There are many interesting and historical building in this area. I cannot describe it detail, perhaps you can visit this site “” to know much about the temple completely.

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We visited some building of temples and climbed to a high area in the temple complex. From the high place, we can see landscape of Yogyakarta widely. There is a small house or a hovel above the high area. We can take a rest for short time there while seeing the beautiful landscape. Beside climbed to the high place, We also found a wide field in this area same as football field. I do not know about the function of that field. Perhaps the field had a big function in the past time.

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After that, we walked to visit another building through the wide field. We feel the weather was too hot; we needed so much mineral water or an umbrella when we were at the wide field. There are not some trees there, especially at the field. Although we felt too hot at the building or wide field, we could see some beautiful old buildings there. We also could take some photos and enjoyed our trip. Besides that, Ratu Boko Temple staffs serve some facilities. There are some gardens in the complex. The gardens look beauty and neat. There are some water taps and toilets in the gardens. There is wide and safe parking area, and there is a wide house or building as a place to take a rest and eat. At the building, there are a terrace to enjoy the beautiful landscapes, a restaurant, a praying room, and a stand to buy souvenirs. The building was cold different from the weather outdoor, so we could take a rest while eating some food. We also saw the Prambanan temple and Merapi mountain landscape from the terrace. The landscapes are very beautiful. We saw nice sunset at the end of our trip. It was great moment!


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