Affandi Museum; A museum of Painting Maestro

Have you heard a name of Affandi? Yes, he is an Indonesian Painting Maestro. He has a special technic of painting. I love his painting so much! It is very amazing painting. Affandi Museum is all part of Affandi’s life. The museum is also his home and we can see a lot of his painting there. The museum is located Jalan Laksa Adisucipto No. 167 Yogyakarta – Indonesia. The museum is at the bank of Gajah Wong River.

We went to the museum by motorcycle, besides that we could also by Public transportation bus. We as local visitor pay ten thousand rupiah for one ticket whereas twenty thousand rupiah for foreign visitors. In addition, we have to pay ten thousand rupiah for taking photo. When we come there, we forgot to bring camera when we came into the museum. Because of the reason, we do not have the photos about Affandi’s Paintings. I will attach some photo of Affandi’s Painting from Internet. It is Okay. Oh ya, I find a website In this website you can see many affandi’s painting.


We saw many interesting painting such as little, medium, and big painting. We saw not only Affandi’s paintings but also his daughter’s painting, Kartika. We can see three galleries in this museum, beside that there is a tower close to Gallery III. We can see the landscape of all of museum, Laksda Adisucpipto Street, and Gajah Wong River. We also can buy some food and drinks in Kafe Loteng.

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After seeing many paintings and drink two bottle of drinks, we went home. Before going home, we took some photos at a tomb of the Affandi near the ticket box. Hope you will enjoy his painting when you will visit the museum.


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