Back to Taman purbakala Bukit Siguntang

Taman Purbakala Bukit Siguntang is a historical place in Palembang. This place near from my senior high school, Senior High School 10 Palembang. When I was a student at my school, I have never been here. Therefore, I wanted to go there so much. Finally, after I have graduated from my campus and I back to Palembang, I decided going there with my friend. I only knew that the place is a historical place. Now, I want to tell you about the place that I know when I came there.

Based on Wikipedia and my experience, I know that Taman Purbakala Bukit Siguntang is a 29-30 meters high small hill located at the northern bank of Musi River and within the vicinity of Palembang, capital city of south Sumatera, Indonesia. The location is located around 3 kilometers north from Musi River and around 4 kilometers southwest from Palembang city center.

Bukit Siguntang is the highest point in Palembang. The complex of the hill is a wide historical area with garden and large tree. On higher grounds within the complex there are some tombs linked by locals to the figures of Malay-Srivijayan royalties and heroes. There are seven Srivijayan figures entombed here;

  1. Raja Sigentar Alam
  2. Pangeran Raja Batu Api
  3. Putri Kembang Dadar
  4. Putri Rambut Selako
  5. Panglima Tuan Junjungan
  6. Panglima Bagus Kuning
  7. Panglima Bagus Karang

Bukit Siguntang is a scared place; we must keep our behavior and always keep our habit at this place. Despite a scared place, we can take some photos and enjoy the place. We can come into the tombs and make a devotional visit to a scared place. Besides that, there are so many trees and beautiful gardens, which we can make it as a background of our photos or just take a rest to lose our tired. We can take a rest under the trees or sit on the garden chair.

Although I do not know much about the history of Bukit Siguntang, I think that the place is very important for me as Palembang citizen. Therefore, we must keep the place as local inheritance. We must always remember to keep clean and keep our behavior not only in this place but also in everywhere.


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