Eating seafood cuisine on Depok Beach

Fish or seafood cuisine is my favorite food. I love eating Fish so much. Do you like fish or seafood cuisine too? If you are in Yogyakarta, you can visit Depok Beach. On this beach, we can eat many fish and seafood. This beach is located 1.5 kilometers from Parangtritis Beach. There is a fish trading on this beach, the name of it is Mina Bahari 45. Many visitors visit this fish trading also.

My friends and I have visited this beach many times. It is because the beach near from Jogja city and we very enjoyed eating the seafood cuisine. The beach is almost same as Parangtritis beach. The black sandy beach and big waves is always available on this beach. We could enjoy the beach but not to swim. We just walk into the seawater carefully. We cannot walk so far from shore. It is dangerous.

After enjoying the beach, we continued having lunch in seafood stalls near the beach. Several seafood stalls offer some seafood cuisine menu. We chose one of seafood stall and ordered some seafood cuisine. There are many cuisine menu that we can choose such as fish; kakap, bawal, tuna, etc., lobsters, crabs, and squids. We can order ways to cook the fish. We can grill, fried, or cook with some food seasoning. After the seafood cooked, we enjoyed it. The seafood cuisine was very delicious. In addition, there is another way to order the seafood cuisine. We can buy fish or seafood in fish trading and ask someone to cook it. After buying seafood, we go to a seafood stall and ask employee of stall to cook the seafood.
We ate the seafood cuisine while enjoying sea wind. It was amazing time!


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