Enjoying night at Taman Pelangi – Rainbow Garden

What do you think about rainbow? There are seven colors in the sky, Red, yellow, green, and other color. Perhaps you will think about sky phenomena. All of them is true, but I will tell you about Taman Pelangi, Rainbow Garden. The rainbow garden is located at Jogja Kembali Monument Jalan North Ringroad Yogyakarta- Indonesia.

This rainbow Garden opens daily from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. and 11.pm during weekend. We pay ten thousand rupiah for an entrance ticket during working days and it will be different on weekends.

I did not know why the garden is called Rainbow garden. Perhaps, it because there are so many lampions with various shapes and colors. The lampion will attract our eyes and make romantic situation. The rainbow garden is an amusement park that has many lampions. There are many shape of lampion such as cartoons, flowers, animals, and other shapes.

A Lampion gate served us at entrance. After that, we go through a route to see the lampion. We saw many lampions with cute shape, beautiful shape, and funny shapes. The lampion is put on the grass, on the wall, hang in the air, and the others. We can also play other games while seeing the lampions. We can try to play water balls, speedboat, boom-boom car, or cycle in Jogja kembali Monument area. Oh, do not forget to take cute pictures while seeing the lampions!


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