Observing Timang beach with my classmates.


282874_3417631287146_1716614365_nVisiting interesting place together with our classmates can be a beautiful moment. We will remember the moment and feel happy when we remember it. We can talk it again when we do reunion agenda in the future. We friend had a plan to visit Timang Beach. This beach was a place where Citra and her fiends did KKN, community work programs. Citra often told the beach to us. Because of the story, we were curious about the beach. Therefore, we decide to follow Citra’s Invitation to visit the beach, Timang Beach.


We went to the Gunung kidul regency by motorcycle. We drove together. After arriving at the regency, we dropped by at a mie ayam or chicken noddle stall and we ate together. We after that, we continue our trip to go to the beach. We drive though citizen houses and we stopped at citizen garden. We entrust our motorcycle in the garden and continued our trip on foot. We  took almost one hour to reach the Timang beach.

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We arrived at the beach and we were surprising. The beach is very beautiful. We had to climb a karst mountain and we saw a wide coral reef. From the coral reef, we can see the seawater and the sound of a crashing wave. Besides that, we also saw a gondola that connects the coral reef and the other coral reef in the middle of the sea. Citra said that she has ever seen cuisine TV program that took this place as a place to shoot the program.


After taking photos and enjoying the coral reef sensation, we went down to the beach. We played with sand and seawater; we did not forget to take some photo. The beach is very natural and clean, the wave as if sings to entertain us. We enjoyed the beach although we had to walk so far when we wanted to go home. It was not a big deal, because we walked together. We cannot repeat this moment anymore so we enjoy the trip.


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