Jumping high on Ngetun Beach


My friends invited me to call on their KKN (community work program) family at Purwodadi Tepus, Gunung Kidul regency, Yogyakarta. They wanted to call on village government, KKN property owner, and some citizens who have relation about the lecture programs. Besides that, they also want to visit the beach Ngetun beach.

After visited their relatives, we went to the beach. We brought some food and drink. We took motorcycle to reach the beach, after that we continued our trip on foot until we find the beach. We walked so far until we find the surprising beach. The beach is very natural and clean. There was no person there. I like the sand, it was shining sand. We also can swing but not too far from the beach. We can play with seawater and sand. This beach is not so wide. Two kart steep slopes pinch the beach. My friends jumped high on the sand and another friend took their photos. Wow it was nice moment, it is unforgettable.


2 thoughts on “Jumping high on Ngetun Beach

  1. thinkinkadia says:

    I like that you all persisted and went ahead to explore such a pretty location, even if it was hard to reach. Such places have made my best memories.
    Thank you for sharing this pristine location that you walked into by surprisešŸ˜‰


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