Loving animals at Ragunan Zoo


Loving animals is a good behavior and we must love them. I have some cats in my house and the cats make my family and I happy. Therefore, there is person who does not have a pet or does not have chance to care the pet. It is not a problem; we can still see pets or animals at a zoo without own them.


DSC01158 DSC01165 DSC01084

Seeing and visiting animals can make us happy and get some information about them. Sometimes, we find an animal for the first time and it is a scarce animal. There are many good and compete zoo in the world. Besides that, there is also zoo with a special animal. For example in Tiongkok, we can find many Pandas. In Indonesia, we also can find a special species of animal. We can see many species of primates at Ragunan zoo.


Ragunan zoo is one of zoo in Indonesia. We can visit many animals on Jalan Harsono Rm, No. 1, Taman Margasatwa Ragunan, Pasar minggu, South Jakarta. We pay a ticket less than five thousand rupiah to come into the zoo and we can see many animals. They are; birds, wild animals, cute animals, and scarce animals. We can see a tiger, crocodile, bear, bird, primate, komodo, and other animals. Based on data from Wikipedia, Ragunan Zoo is a 140-hectare zoo. It is home to over 270 species of animals, 171 species of flora, and employees over 450 people. At this zoo, a wide area has a many primates. If we want to come into the area, we can buy a ticket again. The ticket is not expensive, only seven thousand rupiah for an adult ticket.


Besides that, there are many trees in this place. We also can take a rest under the trees, buy food in cafeteria, pray at mushola, and take some picture with the animals. There are many souvenir shops at this zoo. The shop sells many souvenirs; there are animals dolls, hats, t-shirt for adult and children, and the others. Seeing the animals is always making us happy but we must know that we cannot give them food. The animals have given food by zoo employees. Besides that, animals can be sick or died if they eat random food, especially human food.


Be careful and always keep the animals!


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