Be smart, be inspired; Indonesia Japan Expo 2013


My friend and I visited this Event on December 2013. This event was accomplished at JCC Kemayoran. The event opened from 19-22 December, it was an annual event in Jakarta. Many Japan Companies took a part at this expo. We would know the company profile and we knew their activities and contribution in Indonesia. The companies are Inpex Corporation, Astra, Nedo, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, and many others.

This event was taken a theme “Be smart, be inspired.” Therefore, we got some information about environment, energy, recycle, and waste, agriculture, building and house, community, and the others. We got not only some information about the companies but also about information of the themes.

Besides we got the information, we also got souvenirs from the companies. The companies made interesting stands and we enjoyed visiting it. Beside the interesting design of stand, some stands made a game to attract many visitors. It was very interesting Event. So, next year you have to the event!


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