Visiting Fine Arts and Ceramics Museum in Old Batavia City


Visiting a Museum is an interesting activity. We can find not only joy but also historical knowledge about something that happened hundreds or thousands years ago in the museum. Today, visiting museum is not boring because we will a new design at the Museum. For example museum has many facilities which support our needs, such as mosque, canteen, garden, and interesting room design.

Faozan and I visited Fine Arts and Ceramics Museum,one of the museums in Old Batavia City few months ago. We went there by Trans Jakarta Bus, the first corridor, Blok M – Kota bus-line. After we arrived in Kota Shelter, we walked to the main area at Kota Tua. This area is located in 1.3 square kilometers of North Jakarta and West Jakarta. This place is known as Old Jakarta or Old Batavia.

We found a large field that is surrounded by many old buildings and we saw many people in that area. They were doing many activities for example cycling, walking around, playing with their children, and many others. Before we enter the field, we decided to eat something in this place. We were looking for a canteen or food stall near the place. Finally, we found some food stalls which sold many varieties of food. There were Soto, fried rice, fried foods, and other Indonesian foods. I ate a bowl of Soto and a glass of ice tea, Faozan did either. After eating those foods, we took a stroll at the field. We saw some statue-like people. The statues are some people that wear traditional soldierly uniform and their bodies are painted with special paint. I don’t know about the special paint. They did not move as though they were real statues. They looked nice. If we want to donate some money to them, maybe we can take a photo with them. They provided a small container where we could put some money inside it. At the field, we also saw many types of merchandise; traditional toys, unique dolls, typical souvenirs of Jakarta, and others.

After enjoying the area, we continued to visit one of the museums in the Old Jakarta. There are many museums in this place such as; Bank Indonesia Museum, Mandiri Museum, Jakarta History Museum or the Museum Fatahillah, Fine Arts and Ceramics Museum, and Puppet Museum. We were confused to choose which museum we would see. Because Faozan had visited some museums, he gave me an advice to visit Bank of Indonesia Museum, Puppet Museum, or Fatahillah Museum. I thought if he visited some museums that he had ever seen again, he would have been bored. So I asked him which museum  he had not visited yet. He said that he had never visited Paint Art and Ceramics museum. I thought it was not bad idea, so we continued our trip to the museum.



First, we bought tickets and we also got a guide book of Paint Art Museum. We came to museum and we saw so many Paint art. This museum has many art collections as if a big paint art gallery. I was very happy. I like paint art especially for painting. Although I could not see a lot of painting in this museum but I could see other paint arts. If this museum had many paintings, I would be satisfied. But it was ok; I could see other paint arts. There are a number of ceramics, a lot of statues, a few of traditional wooden statues, and others. Besides that, we were offered some facilities in this museum. There are book guides, a prayer room, two beautifully yards with paint art design, clean gallery room, and others. This museum has two floors, one of those is in the first room which we came in. After that, we walked around and notice some paint arts. The arts have explanation boards which describe us about the arts. After spending one hour to visit this place, we finished enjoying this museum. Then, we went home. See you again in the next stories about other museums.



Oh wait a minute, I think I forget something!

I recommend this museum for you. If you love paint art, please come to Paint Art and ceramics Museum. You will find interesting place and knowledge about paint art and Ceramics in Indonesia.


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