Visiting Bank Indonesia Museum

I have ever said that museum has interesting design to attract visitor today. Besides that, interactive design is necessary too. Now, I want to tell you about museum, which has both of them. The museum is Bank Indonesia Museum. When we visit it, we will find attractive museum.


Bank Indonesia Museum is located in Kota Tua  (old city) area same as Fine Art and Ceramic Museum that I have told before. In this museum, we got free tickets but we had to entrust our bags or things with operator. Then, we started our trip from left door and look around to see contents of this museum.

At the first room, a viewing screen that showed a video of pretty falling flowers greeted us. We stood in front of the screen as though we were in a flower field or under the cherry tree blossom. It was look nice, wasn’t it? After imagine the falling flowers, Museum entertained us with a little traditional wooden sailing ship with amazing design. Besides it, there is a big wallpaper and explanation boards to describe about the ship and its history. Sea ​​and continent explorers would appear after we saw the ship. There are Marco polo, Laksamana Cheng ho, Cornelis de Houtman, and many more. We could get more information about history of explorer, archipelago, trade, herbs and spices, and others. All things relate to trade in the past, money, and bank. We got the point of these things in this museum. The museum described us about historical of money from past until now (Nusantara, Hindia Belanda, Japan, and Indonesia period) and its influence. There are some posters, which can give us some explaining about things in this museum; one of them is Max Havelar poster. This poster told about a novel that could change the colony. I like this poster because I had read its novel.


We could see not only posters but also replica statues. All of them have useful explanation about bank in Indonesia, especially bank Indonesia. The posters and replicas are very amazing; moreover, all designed are very cool. Oh, I forget something, sometime we also met some polices in this museum. Their job is maintaining the security of this museum. It is because there is a lot of money, precious objects, and gold in the exhibition room at this museum.

Hmm… I think that all about my story in this museum. I think I cannot tell all of the things in this museum one by one. Therefore, if you want to see it, you have to visit this museum soon!


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