Let’s Play at Dufan!


Do you like to go to amusement park? If yes, I will tell you about one of amusement parks in Indonesia. I will tell you about Dunia Fantasi. The amusement park is located at JalanLodanTimur No. 7 Jakarta or we can find some information on www.ancol.com. People often call it “Dufan.” That place opens every day; Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. and Saturday-Sunday from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m.


My friend and I came to the amusement park by Trans Jakarta bus way. We started our trip from BBN shelter and took a bus way with Ancol Direction. We just took one bus from the shelter until we arrived to the Dufan. After we arrived at Ancol shelter, we went out and found an entrance. We paid twenty rupiah to get one adult ticket. After we came into the Ancol area, we walked to Dufan area. We can take a bus “Warawiri” or just go to the place on foot. We need five minutes to reach the Dufan Entrance. We paid 250 thousand for annual pass ticket. Dufan management has an annual pass ticket promotion for visitors. We just pay 250 or 260 thousand rupiah and we can play as many as we want at this amusement park.

 There are eight regions with many arenas at Dufan. The regions are : Jakarta, Asia, Hikayat, Greece, Europe, Indonesia, Amerika, and Kallila. The arenas are Bianglala, Kora-kora, happy feet, River raft ride, tornado, puppet castel, roller coaster, hysteria, and many others. We just played at some arenas because I am not brave to play at challenging arenas. After playing at some arenas, we decided to eat something. There are many restaurants at the regions. Every region has two or three restaurants, such as Columbus hikayat, Planet baso, McDonal’s, Super bento, Sandwich, Starbucks, and others. Besides that, there are others facilities at Dufan such as Mosque, ATM center, toilet, baby care, storage safety box, first aid, and comport gardens with many leafy trees. After we enjoyed playing, eating, and taking a rest, we bought souvenirs at Dufan Store Jakarta thatis at some spot. The kinds of souvenir are dufan mascot dolls, dufan doll pillows, children t-shirts, hysteria canvas bags-mug-cap-sandals, and the others.

Let us plays at Dufan!


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