Monas- National Monument; Pekan Rakyat Jakarta



Visiting an outdoor event is very crowded! There are many people at the event and the weather is very hot. My friend and I have an experience about that situation when we visited Pekan Rakyat Jakarta Monas at Monas Tower area. We went to Monas on Sunday by Trans Jakarta Bus way Corridor I, Blok M- Kota direction. We stopped at Bank of Indonesia shelter and go through to the Monas Area. The distance between the shelter and gate of Monas is about 50 meters. We can reach that place on foot.


Monas is a place not only for the event but also for holiday activities. Many people come to Monas to fill their leisure time or holiday. Based on information from many sources, National Monument, abbreviated Monas, is a tower in center of Merdeka square, central Jakarta. The tower symbolizes the fight of Indonesia. It is built to commemorate the struggle for Indonesia Independence.

The event opened from 10 to 15 June 2014.We came there at the morning. We could enter without bought a ticket. It was free! After we came into the Monas area, we saw Food stands, clothes stands, creative industry things, and many more that followed the event. We saw many crafts, clothes, traditional foods that produced by people from Jakarta or other provinces. We tried to taste some foods, my friends bought a plate of Kerak Telor and I bought a plate of Pempek. The food was very delicious and our pocket could still attain the price of food.

Besides that, we also saw many street vendors “penjual kaki lima” who sold many goods and food at the Monas area. There were people who sold Monas’s souvenir such as t-shirts, ashtrays, key chains, and others souvenirs. Besides the souvenir, we also saw the others goods such as dolls, man-women clothes, children clothes and toys, hand watches, and the others. In addition, we also saw many street vendors who sold various foods and drinks. There were fruits, snacks, cakes, and others Indonesian foods. The street vendors were not neat and dirty. There was much rubbish at everywhere. Although the condition of place was not comfortable for people but many people still ate and drank there.


 Some people also spread out a mat to sit under the three. They did their picnic. It looked nice, but it was very crowded. There are many people did the same activities and there were a lot of rubbish everywhere. Perhaps, it wasa big problem but everybody still could enjoy the event. Besides many stands, there are many fun games at the area. There was cycle rent and mini motorcycle rental. We rent a cycle and we played it. It was so funny but it was very interesting.After we played the cycle, we ate lunch at the food stands at event area.

The event was interesting but the condition was not comfortable, I hope the Monas area can be clean and neat than today.


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