Visiting Gajah Museum –- National Museum


A few weeks ago, Faozan and I went to one of the museums in Jakarta. Although the Museum is usually called “Gajah Museum”, its original name is National Museum.  We went to the museum by public transportation in Jakarta, TransJakarta bus. Because I was from Bekasi, I took an APTB bus and then took Transjakarta bus, whereas my Friend took Metromini 640 and then Transjakarta because he was from Kalibata area. We stopped at Monas shelter and then walked about 5 Meters to the museum.

Before we started to come in the building, we saw Gajah statue at museum yard. We took some photo at this area. Later we continued to the building. After arriving at the Museum area, we bought 2 tickets at ticket desk in front of the museum. After that, we started to visit the museum.


We started from main door and then we found an area which has a lot of statues. The statues are called arca. The arca come from some places in Indonesia, such as from Java and Sumatera. After we saw the arca, we continued to see other things in the museum. We saw a lot of ceramics, earthenware, traditional house miniatures, traditional equipment, Traditional music instruments, and others. Those things come from many places in Indonesia, also other countries in South East Asia, and Asia. All things that I mention are can be seen in the first floor or at main building.

After we saw many things at main building, we continued to visit another building. The main building and the other are connected. It can be distinguished that the main building is lower than the other. There are 3 floors and one basement at the building. There is a meeting room or exhibition hall at basement floor. We could find a lot of historical and ancient things from Indonesia at the first floor. After seeing it, we continued to visit the second floor, in this floor we found so many historical things in Indonesia such as; statues, traditional equipment, and others.

Besides the buildings, there are many facilities in the museum. There are prayer room and parking area at the basement. After enjoying ourselves with many historical things, we decided to go home. In this trip, we got a lot of knowledge about historical and ancient things in Indonesia and other countries. So, let’s visit National Museum!!


2 thoughts on “Visiting Gajah Museum –- National Museum

  1. Rist says:

    Yes, when i’m in Jakarta, I often visit the museums. There a lot of museums in this city.


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