Gedung Juang 45 – Bekasi


My friend and I are always confused if we want to take a walk in Bekasi. I do not know much about tourism in Bekasi but as long as I have been living here, I have not found the tourism yet. I search it on the Internet and find malls, supermarket, beach, and one historical building. Because of visiting mall is not good idea we choose to visit beach. Unfortunately, beach location is so far from my house. In the end, we decided to visit historical building. The name of that building is Gedung Juang 45 Bekasi. Location of the building on JalanHasanudin, near from Tambun Selatan Market.


We were confused about the building address. My friend drove a motorcycle to find the building. We looked the address for more than thirty minutes and through the same road for four times. We did not find a direction board of Gedung Juang 45. Therefore, we looked for information about the building on internet again. On internet, we found the information and an image of the building. After finding the information, we continued our trip to the building. Finally, we arrived at wide field and there are some buildings there. There are firefighter car and its office, small old buildings, and one big old building as a main building. The main building is Gedung Juang 45. The building is a historical building that became a witness for a people battle. This building has a neoclassic architecture, which built by a landowner KowTjingKie in 1910.

If you want to know much about this building, you can visit this link;


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