Visiting Textile Museum

Sometimes we, my friend and I, do not know where we want to go for trip. We are confused if we have gone to some tourism place in some places, especially in Jakarta. Because of the reason, we could not decide where we wanted to go. Finally, we chose to go to museum again. We had already wanted to go to museums but we did not decide yet. There are two places, which we wanted to visit. First in Tanah Abang area, Museum Textile, and the second is museum that near from National Monument area. Therefore, we decided to go to the first place. We started our trip from Pancoran area. From here, we can take Metromini 640 Pasar Minggu- Tanah Abang direction or APTB bus Bekasi-Tanah Abang direction at Pancoran Tugu shelter. We took Metromini until a place under the bridge. After we arrived, we continued our trip on foot until we found Tanah Abang Block G market. The museum is not far from the market. We can reach the place on foot.


Before we entered the place, we looked for some meals near the museum area. We did not have breakfast yet, so we were very hungry. After having breakfast, we walked to the place and bought two tickets, 5000 rupiah for one adult ticket. The museum opens on Tuesday-Sunday at 9 am – 3 p.m.



There are some buildings in this museum. The first building is the main textile museum that there are display rooms and so many collections. The textile museum collection total some 2350 pieces and include 886 batiks, 819 weaving, 425 mixed collections, 70 tools, and 150 contemporary textiles. The second is Batik Gallery that features a number of old batik and batik development. The third is library that has some collection of textile references. The fourth is a building that is used to batik workshop. The textile museum also provides training and courses in traditional textile. Batik making is one of the most favorite workshops. Another workshop is vegetal dye, tie-dyeing, bead application, silk painting, embroidery, and basic weaving. The fifth is textile-learning Centre. The building is a place to present a collection of looms from various regions and information about raw materials, as well as the process of making traditional Indonesian textile. We as visitor also have the opportunity to operate the loom. Besides the building, there are some buildings or rooms such as a Mussolla as a praying room, a canteen, and Museum shop. The shop sells souvenirs, accessories, batik equipment, and textile books.


 After seeing the content of building, we can take a rest at a garden. There are beautiful gardens and a yard in this area. The beautiful gardens are Vegetal Dye Garden and Fiber Plant Garden. There are some garden chairs, bench, and table at the garden. We can sit and eat some food or drinks under the green tree. We also can talk to friends, read a book, or take photos. Oh, I forget say something; we cannot take a photo in room of Textile Museum and Gallery Batik. There is a warning to take a photo besides the room door. For more information about this museum, you can visit website:



 I think it is enough about our trip in this museum, we co go home with the same route and public transportation. Let us visit museum!


2 thoughts on “Visiting Textile Museum

  1. Rist says:

    I hope so. But I can not take the photos, because there is a warning not to take photo. I must follow their rule (museum rule). May be, it is important for them, we should respect their privacy.


  2. Rey says:

    Didn’t u take some shot for the stuffs that exhibited inside…? I thought, that would be a great to be inserted in this post 😀


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