Jak-Japan Matsuri; Japan Festival in Jakarta


Jak-Japan Matsuri is an annual Japanese big event in Jakarta. We, Ojan, Anna, and I, came to ending day of Event. We had to pay thirty rupiah to come into the event. Location of the event was at JCC Senayan. The place was at Gelora Bung Karno area. The event happened from 14-21 September 2014. The opening of the event on September 14 and closing on 21 September. Many agendas did at this Event. The even took a place at Plaza Senayan for Japan Week event and Closing Event at JCC Senayan. We just came to the Closing Event. The event started from 10 a.m. and Ended at 9 p.m.

There were many agenda on closing day event. Many Japanese art performances were showed for examples; Genderang Jepang Oedo Sukeroku Taiko Jakarta, Kochi   Yosakoi dance, Okinawa Eisa dance, and YosakoiSoran dance, Indonesia-Japan Sing competition, Jakarta KEI-ON, COSPLAY show on CLASH, and many other art performances and agenda. In the end of Jak-Japan Matsuri, Jrocks and JKT48 performances, Fireworks show, and Bon Odori closed the event.

Besides those agendas, there were a lot of stands that took a part at this event; souvenirs, Taditional Japanese accessories , Food company, Travel, Japanese and local Food, Photograph exhibitions, and  children toys (snow). Visitors also took photos wearing Yukata. There were three stand provided take photo with Yukata. The event was very interesting. Many people came, joined, and enjoyed the event. The event day was hot but there are many trees at the location. Therefore, people could take a rest and ate food under the tree. Some cosplayer also prepared their clothing under the tree. We also bought food and Anna bought a souvenir too. We did not join the event until end but we were very enjoying the event. Hope next Matsuri, we can joined again!


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