Gallery Nasional Indonesia ; Coefficient of Expansion Exhibition


On 28 September 2014, My friend and I came to Galeri Nasional Indonesia. The Gallery is a place to show art/exhibition building. We started our trip by Trans Jakarta Bus way Corridor 1, blok M-Kota direction. When we reached Monas shelter, we had to move to another bus way, Pulogadung direction. After we passed through two shelters, we stop and go down from the bus way at Gambir 2 shelter. We continued walking to the gallery for 5 minutes. The gallery is located at Jalan Medan Merdeka Timur No. 14 Central Jakarta; the place is in front of Gambir Station. If you want to get more information about the gallery, you can visit this website:

We came into the exhibition; the name of the show is “Jakarta 3rd Contemporary Ceramics Biennale coefficient of Expansion.” Before coming into the room, we entrusted our bags with officer. We only fill data in a guest book and free for tickets, then we start seeing many interesting art of ceramics. We saw many shapes of ceramic. Based on brochure, we know that the scope of ceramic art might not be immediately considered as part of contemporary art. This is related to the exclusivity of Western modern art paradigm, which has excluded many art forms from being part of modern art. The characters of ceramic art praxis, such as craft/skills, decoration, and function, are not considered important factors in the principles of modern art.

I do not know any about ceramics, but I am interested in the ceramics art. We also saw a combination about ceramic and projector and the combination created beautiful ceramic art. I cannot tell about them detail but I attach some photos of the ceramics.

After seeing the art, we took a pray at the Musshola. That place is one of facilities that are provided by the gallery. Besides that, many buildings/rooms can use for the exhibition. This exhibition uses three rooms, A-C room. We are very happy seeing the ceramic art. It is very amazing!




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