Reading Japanese comic at Ambassador café


Reading manga or Japanese comic is interesting hobby. Some people like reading manga so much. It does not astonish if many people look for the manga in every place. We can find the manga at bookstores, comic rental, Internet, and other place. We can find some manga in Bahasa or English. We seldom find the manga in Japanese. Because of the reason, Ambassador Café offers a situation where we not only eat food but also read some manga.

My friends and I went to the café on Sunday a few days ago; we went there by metro mini with Blok M direction. The café is located at Cosmo Supermarket 2nd floor Jalan Bulungan Raya No. 16, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. It is near from Gor Bulungan, Family mart, and Blok M plaza.


The café offer some food and drink such as pancake, potato fries, specialty tea, and many more. Food and drink price is not expensive about 10k-40k. Because we were full, we just ordered a glass of specialty tea and potatoes fries. My friend read up-to-date manga and magazines whereas I wrote a trip on my blog. Some guests used Wi-Fi to connect to the internet. We guests listened Japanese songs with its music video. Besides that, there is a video about Japanese drama. We also saw some guests were drawing manga. They are member of Manga School. We can study or join to Japanese Language & Manga School in this café. Ambassador Café also offers Japanese and manga class. We pay 250-400k for Japanese class and 500k for Manga class. Besides that, the café also offer consultation center to study in Japan.


After reading manga and magazines, we went home. If you want to read manga in Japanese, you can drop in Ambassador Café.


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