Visiting Manga Festival in Indonesia


Manga is a Japanese comic. I like it. I like Bleach and Inuyasha manga, how about you? Do you like manga? My friend, Ojan, invited me to go to a Book fair in JCC Senayan. He said that there is a manga festival at that place. I was interested in his invitation, so I went to the festival.

To reach the JCC Senayan from my location in East Bekasi. I took a Mayasari bus Blok M direction or APTB bus from East Bekasi Toll Gate. After arriving at Polda shelter bus way, I turned down from the bus and walked to Gelora Bung Karno area until found a JCC Senayan building. I arrived there and met him. We entered into the book fair area.

We saw many bookstores, which followed the Book fair event. The books stores sold various books, novels, comic, etc. We could find many books with its discount. The bookstores offered many discount for their books. The book fair opens from one to 9 November 2014. Besides that, there are workshops about many themes of book. Because of Islamic book fair, the workshop is also about Islam.

Although the theme of book fair is Islamic book fair, we also saw about Korean Inspiration that showed many things about Korean books and its own agendas. The Korean books stand offered many Korean books with Korean or English language. Otherwise, the stands also offered children activity, coloring a picture. I like many Korean books about Korean culture and cuisine but my pocket could not be able to buy them. It was okay;I just read it while standing for a moment.

Besides the Korean book stand, we are sure to look at Manga Festival that my friend told. Thus, we went there soon. We saw some pages of original manga from many authors of the manga. There are Detective Conan, One piece, Nodame cantabile, and others manga. Besides the pages of manga, we looked at many manga posters that arranged neatly. It was very interesting. There were also some original manga from various tittles. The manga cover attracted us to see the content.Therefore, we saw and read it. The manga uses Japanese language and letter or kanji. Although using Japanese letter, the manga story can be understood by the pictures. The visitors also could buy some original souvenirs of the manga such as posters, pins, mini posters, and other souvenirs.


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