Eating Delicious Siomay-Batagor at Taman Topi

If we go to Bogor city by commuter train, we can also find a place to take a rest next to Bogor station. We can take a rest for a moment at Taman Topi. The garden is located at Jalan Kapten Muslihat No. 51 Bogor West Java. This garden named Taman Topi because there are some roofs of building that have a shape like cap. At this garden, we can find a Tourist Information Centre (TIC) building. We can look for some information about Bogor tourism destination at TIC. We can ask about how to reach the tourism destination in Bogor. Besides that building, we can see other building that offer many things such as restaurant, café, travel agency, internet rental, advertising, and publishing. Restaurant and café offer various menus such as traditional food, fast food, and cakes.


My friends and I also saw read café. We can eat while reading comics, novels, or magazines. We just pay some rupiah to read them. Beside restaurants and café, we also can eat at the food stalls. We bought two plates of Batagor. it delicious enough and cheap. We can also enjoy eating ice cream and asinan, special food from Bogor, and other food. We also can buy some souvenir that offered by the seller at the Taman Topi. If the visitors bring their family and children, they can invite them to play at Taman Ade Irma Suryani. It is located inside of Taman Topi. Visitors just pay nine thousand rupiah for playing at the garden. Children can play boom boom car, Gajah bleduk, and other children games.

Oh, I forgot something; we also bought two pieces of Roti Maryam in front of Taman Topi. It is very delicious bread. Do not forget to buy and taste it!


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