Missing nice Sunsets on Padang Taplau Beach


Enjoying Sunset is an interesting Idea but we cannot see the sunset because of heavy rain. Sometimes, we have planned our time to enjoying sunset when we do trip but the weather does not permit us. Therefore, we have to change that plan to another plan but it is okay, isn’t it?

A few months ago, I went to Padang City to take a civil servant test. I have made a plan to enjoy sunset on the Padang Taplau Beach in the afternoon after finishing my test. I wanted to enjoy sunset on that beach because Padang beach near from guesthouse. It is about 500 meters. Moreover, I could spend a lot of time while enjoying the sunset on this beach. Unfortunately, rain felt down heavily. I had to cancel my plan and I hope next day I would be find interesting sunset. I think I was not lucky when I was there. As long as I was in Padang City, rain felt down heavily every afternoon. It was bad time but it is okay, so I visited the beach in the morning. I myself went to Padang, so I visited this beach alone.

Padang Taplau Beach is located in center of Padang City, West Sumatera. Padang beach has long shoreline and completed by a little mountain called Padang Mountain. Besides that, I saw a lot of food stalls ‘warung tenda” which is lines up as long as shoreline. Food sellers offer many foods such as boiled egg, boiled peanut, and noodles. They also offer cold soft drink or green coconut. I also saw a children garden and a few boat docks as a place to enjoying the beach. In addition, this beach also has long embankment to protect it from annual abrasion. I had no idea to do something. So I just sitting at a food stall and saw the beach.

When I was sitting, I saw many people were cleaning the beach. They were sweep, collected, and then carried rubbish to the rubbish truck. I think they just cleaned the rubbish on the sand because I still saw a stack of rubbish near from some food stalls. Beside s the phenomena, I also sew many student were doing sport on the sandy beach and other visitors were playing sand and seawater. The beach seemed quiet and sea wind felt warm. It was nice moment but I had to go to another beach soon. I only had a little time to spend my pleasure time in Padang city but thank God gave me another experience about this beach.



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