Exploring Minangkabau Culture at Adityawarman Museum


Every Province has every history, custom, and culture. We must preserve them for young generation later. Besides that, we also appreciate it as cultural heritages which always protected by us. Although we cannot protect it completely but we must keep it as good as we can. Government has important role to protect and conserve it. Because of it, Government builds Museum. Museum is a place to collect and protect it. Whereas, we visitor also keep it well. Let us go to museum! It is an invitation in order to go to museum by Indonesian museum. Therefore, when I go to some places I hope I can visit a museum to know about culture or history in a place. When I went to Padang City, West Sumatera, I provide an opportunity to visit museum. I visited Adityawarman Museum and also Disaster and Earthquake Museum.


Aditnyawarman museum uses Rumah Gadang as its architecture. This museum built in 1977 and the location at Jl. Diponegoro No. 10 Padang city. This museum is near from Pasar Raya Padang and Padang Taplau Beach. If we want to visit this museum, it opens daily except Monday but the office open. The museum opens Tuesday to Friday from 7.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. and Saturday and Monday from 8.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Visitor just pay for two thousand rupiah for adult and one thousand rupiah for children with pay for assurance fifty rupiah per person.

Based on Internet Adityawarman museum contents ten collections. It is Such as geologic/geographic, biologic, ethnographic, historic, numismatics, philologist, fine art, and the others. Besides that, there is ancient things; duplicate of Brairawa stone and Amoghapasa stone.

When I entered the museum, I saw two sides of room. First, I chose left room. In this room, I found a lot of diorama of Minangkabau traditional system or Minangkabau family relationship. I saw story and explanation about matrilineal system in Minang. There are dioramas of Minang wedding; wedding costume, a Minang bridal bed, replica of wedding food, and the others. After seeing left room, I walked to right room. In this room, I found some books and old literature about minang system and history, beside that I also saw many traditional costumes and its accessories.

After reading some explanations about the things, I went down to first floor. In this floor, I saw a room that show a lot traditional equipment, traditional kitchen utensils, rocks, traditional art, animals preserved, and the others traditional things. I saw Sumatran tiger, bear, and Kuwau bird that has preserved. In this museum, I also see many things about Mentawai tribe. After seeing all the things, I went out from the main building and continued to another building. I saw replica of Adityawarman archa and the other archas at back yard of the main building. Based on Wikipedia Adityawarman is Malayapura King’s name. This museum is named Adityawarman Museum.

At the back yard, there are some rooms, which functioned to show many things or exhibitions. When I visited the museum, there is Minangkabau Ancient Draft exhibition I saw many things about prayer draft, medicine draft, and many others. The entire book is written in Arabic letter and language and Minagkabau letter. After observing and reading some explanation of the drafts, I continued to next room. In the room, I found some architecture of Minang traditional houses. There are many types of minang house and the museum is one of the types. After taking and seeing the miniature of traditional houses, I went to Museum yard. In the yard, I saw minang couple of statues and a monument. Besides that, I also saw nice garden with beautiful flowers. I sat down for a minutes and take some pictures. After taking photos and go around the yard, I went to another museum.


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