A little Solo Trip in Padang

I always dream that I can go to a place alone. I dreamed that I walk alone to visit beautiful beach or a city which I have never been there. Last November, I got a change to go to Padang alone.

I had a business there; I took civil servant test in Padang city. I had no idea about this city, I just searched test location, and I did not know about public transportation. Based on information from my friends who have living there, I got a little bit information about Padang and its public transportation.

I went to Padang by plane from Jakarta. I arrived at Minangkabau airport in the afternoon, and then I took an airport bus. Before it, I was confused because I never been Padang. Therefore, I asked a man in a food shop beside airport exit door. I asked him how to go to the test location. He said that if I wanted to go the place, I had to take Tranex bus in order to arriving nearly from the test location. Actually, there are two-airport public transportation in Minangkabau Airport; Damri bus and Tranex bus. I chose Tranex bus and took it to reach my direction. I paid for twenty five thousand rupiah for one ticket. I descended from the bus and took another public transportation, angkot Bandar Buat direction. After arriving at Lubek Junction, I walked to the test location. It is just three hundred meters.

After finding the test location and seeing the place, I decided to look for a hotel or a guesthouse because I have been very tired and the weather did not support. Besides that, I also wanted to learn for the test. I took an ojek to reach the guesthouse that I have searched on the Internet before I went to Padang. I asked my friend to call the guesthouse to make sure availability of the room and then I went there soon. A guesthouse that I rent is a simple and homely house. This guesthouse called Wisma Bakti. It is located at Jalan Belakang Olo I no. 16 Padang. This guesthouse is near from McDonals restaurant. There are three floors of the house. I rented it for 3 days. I had to pay for two hundred thousand rupiah per a day and breakfast menu as a bonus.

In the next day, I took the test and finished at 1.20 p.m. After taking the test, I visited my collage mate. Her house near from test location but I had to take an ojek to reach it. I saw many traditional houses along the road. There are cattle, paddy rice fields, and many other. Padang city is not big city but seem quite and pleasant. After visiting my friend, I went back to guesthouse and made a plan to go to Padang Taplau Beach. I wanted to see nice sunset on the beach. Unfortunately, rain felt heavily. Heavy rain forced me to go back to guesthouse. In the evening, I bought dinner at Angkirangan Jogja that is famous restaurant near from Andalas Mall. The restaurant was lively that remained me about Jogjakarta.

I got up early in the next day; I prepared to go to some tourism place. At 8.30 in the morning, I went to Padang Taplau beach after breakfast. I went to the beach and enjoyed morning sea wind. I saw many people was cleaning the beach and some teenagers was doing sport. I also took some pictures, after that I continued my trip to another beach, Air Manis beach.

I walked to Andalas mall area and then continued my trip by public transportation from this position. I took public transportation to Pasar Raya area. After that, I move to another public transportation, Teluk Bayur direction. After arriving at a place near from Teluk Bayur Harbor, I went on my trip by an ojek. I enjoyed Air Manis beach and spend a lot of time there. After enjoying the beach, I saw Siti Nurbaya Bridge and return to guesthouse in the afternoon. Siti Nurbaya Bridge is one of famous tourism in Padang City. The bridge is very nice. It is inversely with Siti Nurbaya legend.


The last day I was in Padang, I visited Adityawarman Museum. I went to the museum on foot. It was because the museum near from the guesthouse. I spend a lot of time in this museum and tried to know some information about Minangkabau culture and history. After a few hours, I went to Pasar Raya Padang to buy some souvenirs for my family. I walked round at the market and looked for some souvenirs. I found a souvenir shop that sells many things about Padang souvenirs. There are traditional food, Songket, crafts, and many others. I bought some snacks and key chains.

Oh, I forget to show you about public transportation in Padang. In Indonesia, we called the car “angkot.” We can see unique angkot in Padang; we will hear loud music in the angkot. There is big sound system in every angkot. I aske some angkot drivers about it. They said that If they use loud music, teenager will attract to take the angkot. If there is no loud music, they don not to take the angkot. Besides that, we will also found television to show video music. It is noisy for mature passengers but amazing for young passengers. When we go to Palembang, we will find the same case if we use public bus. We usually call it “Diskotik Berjalan.”

I have finished my trip in Padang and had to go hometown. At noon, I went to airport by Damri bus. Padang city, I thank for impressive three days. See next time!


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