Disaster and Earthquake Museum

DSC07667 DSC07654Remembering Disaster makes us sad and sometimes we cry although we did not there when the disaster happened. When I went to Padang city, I decided to visit Disaster and Earthquake Museum to know about the situation. West Sumatera Earthquake occurred on 30 September 2009 with 7, 6 Scale Richter at west Sumatera offshore.


The earthquake occurred at 17:1:10. This disaster caused serious damage in many places in west Sumatera; Padang Pariaman, Padang, Pesisir Selaran, Pariaman, Bukittinggi, Padang Panjang, Agam, Solok and Pasaman Barat regency. More than one thousand people died, more than one thousand people heavy wounds, and more than one thousand people minor injury and one person was lost. Beside that there were many houses damaged.

This museum is located at Jalan Diponogoro No. 4 Padang city. This place is near from Adityawarman Museum. We can reach this museum by public transportation from Plaza Sentral Pasar Raya-center of this city.  At this museum, we can see many photos that show us about the disaster and names of disaster victims. This building is one of building damaged. Roof of this building damaged and when I visited this museum, this building has renovated. When I saw the photos, I am sad. It is very difficult for the people there.  Pray for them. Today, they have built their life again. Spirit !


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