Just Seeing Toba Lake, it is OK!


Toba Lake is very amazing and beautiful lake. Not only see the lake but also its panorama. Wow! Toba Lake is located in North Sumatera, Indonesia. Base on many sources, Toba Lake, Danau Toba in Indonesian, is large natural lake occupying the caldera of a super volcano. Toba Lake is about 100 km long, 30 km wide, and up to 505 m deep.

Most of people live around this lake are ethnically Bataks. We will hear a folklore about Toba Lake from them. Besides that, we can find and see a lot of flora and fauna. There is an island in the center of the lake, Samosir Island. There is many people live in Samosir Island with theirs habit and culture. Besides Samosir Island, in the center of Toba Lake we also find four hidden island; Sibandang Island, Tulas Island, Tolping Island, and Tao Island.

IMG_20151031_115725If we want to go there, we can use public transportation, car rent, and our private transportation. If we take public bus Parapat direction from Pinang Baris Terminals, we will spend 5 till 6 hours to reach Parapat Region. From this area, we can see the beautiful of Toba Lake. If you want to continue your trip to Samosir Island, you can take Ferry ship from Parapat Harbor. The ship will start to sail at 8 or 9 a.m.

IMG_20151030_064227_1446162639662In Parapat area, we will find many Hotels and inns. My friends and I stayed one night in Parapat because we wanted to continue our trip to Samosir Island next day. Beside hotel and inn, we also find many restaurant and food shop in this area. You can taste food and enjoy Toba Lake but do not forget to keep the nature!

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