Parulubalangan Stonechairsalt – History Animism

IMG_20151030_100953If you visit somewhere in Sumatera, you often meet Megalith archaeological sites. My friends and I also visit one of them at Siallagan Village, Simanindo Sub district, Samosir Island, North Sumatera – Indonesia. IMG-20151101-WA0009We visited Parubalangan Stone chair salt; in Indonesia, we call it Parubalungan Kursi Batu Sira. This relic is the oldest King Sialagan archeological remains. Sira stone chair is a place as a court and penalization for criminals; thief, rapist, and killer.

This relic is located at mountainside and stairs. There are many statues at every stairs that tell us about punishment procession for the criminal. Sira stone in Bataks Language means salt. That stone is easy dissolved likes salt. Because of the reason, the stone called salt. When my friends and I went to that place, it was silent. There is magical atmosphere at the area. I did not know about it, it just difference with another place.

We visited all of the stairs and after that, we continue our trip to the next destination. If you want to go to this place, you can rent a car to go around this island. In this place, we pay for five thousand rupiah for visiting the stone chair. There is a ticket stand beside the stone area. If you want to buy a souvenir, you can find it at the stand. Do not forget to keep clean and save the stone chair.

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