Siallagan King Grave; it is about Punishment.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn North Sumatera, we can see many megalithic stones. My friends and I have an opportunity to visit one of them. We visited Huta Siallagan – Siallagan Village- at Ambarita Village, Simanindo, Samosir Island. Stones around the village, it likes wall to protect people who lives there. Laga Siallagan King Government build this village. We can reach this area by public transformation or rent a car to look around Samosir Island. If we want to visit this place, we can see many stone chairs and a table stone. These called Batu Parsidangan, in English we can call it Meeting Stones.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA There are two Batu Persidangan. First, stones as meeting place and the second as a place to do punishment. A suspect; a killer, a rapist, people who did big crime will be courted at stone table-chair. There were chair for custom head, king, consort of king, a suspect, datu (people who have spiritual knowledge) and others people who invited for the court. Beside the courted stone, there is another stone. In this stone, a suspect will be accepted his/her punishment. This stone is big and long, a suspect will lie down and his/her head will be cut.

Before Siallagan decide to judge the suspect, He will discuss with his chief heads. They look for a good day for doing the punishment. A few chief heads give suggest about the punishment; fine, prisoner’s stocks, or cut off sharply. It is depend on degree of his fault. If a suspect do big fault, he will be cut of sharply. Before it, he will endure his prisoner’s stock punishment. If a suspect as a people who doing big fault. He will carry on another stone to endure cut of sharply punishment. If he has strong body, his body will be slice. After that a little of lime drop. After doing it, her head will be cut. Based on tour guide story, his heart and liver will eaten by king and chief heads. Before it, vinegar will be add at his heart and liver. Besides them, another body will be throw away at Toba Lake. This punishment is very scary and make a stereotype that Batak do Cannibalism. However, after Kristen religion come in this place, this punishment fade.

After we listen the story about the punishment, we say thank to the tour guide. We not only listened the story but also saw traditional houses, ulos (traditional fabric), and many kind of traditional things. We walk to souvenir shops. In this area, we will find Batak Calendar, key chain, puppet, and many others souvenir.  After buy a few souvenir, we continue our trips. Thank you Siallagan King for your story.


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