Ho… beach,


I always love beach, I love visiting beach everywhere. When my friends and I visited a beach in Samosir Island. But I forget the name of the beach until now. I just remember it is Ho… beach. It is because I forgot to capture or write the name of the beach when I was at that location.

IMG_20151030_114358This beach is very beauty and nice. After we spent a lot of time at Siallagan King Grave, we continued our trip to another tourism destination at Samosir Island, North Sumatera. We saw an indication-board at roadside. This board describe ho.. Beach. We discuss for a moment and decided to visit this place. I think this beach as lake shore or lake-front with fresh water. We parked our rent car and walk to the beach, it is about 5 meters from the beach.

IMG-20151101-WA0034 IMG_20151030_114828

We did not find anyone on that beach. However, we saw a nice landscape and beach.  I think that place is not a beach but it is shore. Because we just find Lake Front and little sand. It is no problem, we are happy. This place is nice and so natural. We played water and take some picture. There are two benches. One of them on the lake water. If we take a photo while sitting on that bench, it is look nice.


Thank God for this place. Hope this place always natural and become famous. I hope I will remember name of that beach soon.


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