Pasir Putih Parbaba Beach

IMG_20151030_121618In samosir island, North Sumatera, there is a famous beach or Toba Lake front. Toba Lake resident call it, Pantai pasir Putih Parbaba, in English; Parbaba White Sand Beach.

This beach is near from Ho… Beach that I visited before. We went to this beach rent a car.IMG_20151030_121624

This beach is more famous than Ho.. beach. Because this beach has been managed by people or government. We can see it from facilities in this beach; sand, tents, plaited mats, food stalls, coffee shops, and various water games.


Parbaba white sand beach is located in Pangururan Regency, Samosir Island, North Sumatera. This beach is lake front that has area like a beach. When we were there, an inn has been build. On this beach, we can play lake water, swim, enjoy sunset, or fishing. My friend and I just was enjoying beach view while we was drinking ice cream. We can take some photos in this area because Toba lake view is very amazing. Take a few minute on this beach give us a new experience about lake water and beautiful gift of nature. Keep cleaned and natural!


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