Efrata Waterfall, fresh!

IMG_20151030_161816After we enjoy the hot water and nice Mountain View, we decide to continue out trip to Brastagi Regency. As long as we were in our trip, we saw great view of Toba Lake and its mountain. We climb-up a few clinures. When we were in an intersection, we find an indication-board we saw an interesting letter. There is a winker about Efrata Waterfall.

Wow, it is look nice and we interested in the Waterfall. Therefore, we asked a person who were there about the Waterfall. He said that the waterfall at a low ebb and we might go ahead the road. After following the road, we would find the waterfall.

During we were in our trips, once again, we found very nice view. We saw Samosir villages, residents of samosir, coffee garden, rice fields, and many others. After a few minutes, we arrived in waterfall location. We met two children and they guided us to go to the waterfall. We followed the children and saw Efrata waterfall. Wow! Amazing! It is very beautiful waterfall.

I do not more information about this waterfall, from the internet I have read about the name of this waterfall; Sampuran Efrata Sosor Dolok Samosir. This waterfall is called Efrata Waterfall. This place in Sosor Dolok village, Harian Subdistrict, Samosir Pangururan Recency.  It is about 18 Km from the regency. Efrata waterfall has 26 meters height and 10 meters width. The waterfall has still less 100 meter which flow from Tele area to Toba Lake. It has very fresh and clean water. Besides that, in this area has built by people or government, because we found a road made and a hut although almost broken. Those Facilities is sleazy. However, the waterfall and view is very nice.


When our foot go into water, it is very cold. We wash off our face with waterfall water. My friend said that if we went to a waterfall, we must wash our face with waterfall water. If we do not do it, we do not go to waterfall. Because of the motto, we wash our face. We also do not pray Ashar yet. Therefore, we took a wudhu with the waterfall water. After that, we pray at waterfall area. After doing Ashar pray, we played the water and took some photos and thanks to Efrata waterfall about fresh, clean, and natural water.


Hope Efrata waterfall always occur and continue forever.


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