Lau Sidebuk Debuk, Berastagi Hot Spring

IMG_20151031_154647IMG_20151031_152747 We searched on internet about Berastagi hot spring and had a plan to visit it. Therefore, we discussed about it and estimated about visiting duration. Our driver so interested in invited us to visit it. So we said yes but we have said that we have no much time. Therefore, we crank up our car to visit it. We go through to the direction and after a few minutes, we arrived at the location. This hot spring called Lau Sidebuk debuk.


 It is located at Semangat Gunung village, Berastagi sub district, Karo Regency, North Sumatera. It is 60 Km from Medan city.  This hot spring is an area outside crater of Sibayak Mountain. It is contains sulfur. There are seven commercial bathing places. There are general and VIP bathing places and we can rent them. From this area, we can see Sibayak Mountain view while enjoy the hot spring. We saw the hot spring and found it same as hot spring at Samosir. So, We just visit it for a few minutes. We just did pray and after that soak our foot.  After doing those activities, we continued our trip to airport. We go home.

Thank you Samosir and Brastagi for the experience and your amazing nature!


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