Mom, this is your Berastagi

IMG_20151031_090011IMG-20151101-WA0055Almost step round to all of Samosir Island; we continued our trip to Berastagi. We need to know about Berastagi and its nature.

Berastagi is a place that my mother want to visit. I do not know about the reasons but she like this place.


Berastagi is a subdistrict in Karo Regency, North Sumatera. It is about 66 km from Medan as a capital city. My friends and I went to Berastagi view in the morning. We were climbing the hill while seeing the nice view. At a nice vie, we went down and taking several photos. We were laughing our behavior but we were happy.


We arrived in front of a hill with amazing view. This is Gundaling Hill. We can see Berastagi city view and enjoyed fresh air. After taking many photos, we sat at a food stall and take a offering menu. We drank coffee and ate pop noodles. From this area, we enjoyed the Berastagi view and decided to visit Si Piso Piso waterfall.


We went down to the city and continued our trip, before it we dropped in a food stall. We ordered fried rice and ate those breakfast menu. It so delicious!


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