Ampera Brigde, the Landmark of Palembang

190900_origIMG_20151119_121234How many times I have come here. This is Ampera Bridge; this is the landmark of Palembang city. We know that this bridge save a history. I do not know much about it but I am proud of it. Every time I journeyed by a long bridge I always remember Ampera Bridge. Ampera bridge is a vertical-lift bridge in Palembang, South Sumatera. The bridge connects Seberang Ulu region and Seberang Ilir region. The regions is two region in Palembang.

The fund for the construction came from Japanese war reparations. Design and construction by Fuji Car Manufacturing Co. Ltd. This Ampera was planned during Indonesia’s first president era.  From a source, the bridge the first this bridge was know as the Bung Karno Bridge, but It was renamed the Ampera Bridge. It has 1.117 m length and 22 m wide. a few years after it was opened, the center span could be lifted at a speed of approximately 10 meters per minute to allow ships of up to 44.5m in height to pass underneath. However, this only occurred a few times, and after 1970, it could no longer be opened. Color of this bridge has changed three times; grey, yellow, and until now red.


My friend and I came here to see the bridge. She wanted to know and take pictures in this area. We call this area, Benteng Kuto Besak. When we were there, it is noon. That area was very hot and there is no tree around there. Therefore, we just sat on a garden chair with the top. However, the weather was very hot. We need something to drink. When we were sitting in the garden area, a man offered us an offering to visiting Kemaro Island.  Then, we discussed about it and decided to go there. We take a speedboat; we usually call it, Ketek. We went to that island through Ampera Bridge and double back when we are back to Benteng Kuto Besak.


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