Pulau kemaro, Sad Love legend


An offering from a man who has a Ketek, a speedboat, has led us to Kemaro Island. My friend and I decided to visit this island because I had been there a few years ago. I have several stories about the island to tell her. However, I thought that it is not enough; she must go there to know much about Kemaro Island and its legend.

During on Ketek, we saw many resident houses river edges. Besides that, we also saw many ketek and speedboat, expedition tanker, coal tanker, and a lot of ketek. When you are on ketek, you will get a great sensation. We feel like in roller coaster. Kemaro Island located in Palembang region; we can reach it by speedboat or ketek. We can rent it for one trip or the driver wait us for a few minutes or hours.

After 30 minutes more less, we arrived in Kemaro Island. We got very hot weather; we went to the Pagoda and read the legend story in a stone. There are a lot of version of kemaro Island legend.  It is about a princess Siti Fatimah and Tionghoa noble Tan Bun An. It is about sad love story.


After that, we saw love tree and take some picture there. I took picture under the tree. it is about love tree.

A few years ago, I saw Kera Sakti and his friend’s statues in this Island. Now, there is no it again. It is no problem, because I love this place and always miss the hot weather.


Because the weather, we need some fresh drink. Therefore, we order coconut water and enjoy it. Although there are some trees, this area is still hot. i do not know about it. after drinking coconut water, we went to anoter trip soon.


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