Shwedagon Pagoda at Taman Lumbini, nice!

IMG-20151101-WA0077IMG_20151031_141219I think that I forgot one place, we also visiting Vietnam Pagoda in Berastagi. We searched on internet and found Pagoda Location. We went there just for a few minutes, just saw and taken photo and then we continued our trip. But, before it we enjoy this pagoda first.


This pagoda is a replica of Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar. This pagoda is big and beautiful. We can find this pagoda at Taman Lumbini, Tongkoh Village, Karo Regency. It is about 65 km from Medan city as capital of North Sumatera.


When we arrived and entered the pagoda, we get religious feeling. This is pagoda is luxurious building with gold paint. It is very beautiful! There are many Buddha and elephant statues. In the main building, we can see many lampions too. Keep silent and put your shoes and sandals before you enter this building. Give several rupiahs for donation if you want.


Thank you for Nice Shwedagon Pagoda.


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