Otanaha Fortress, a historic fort in Gorontalo

img_20151211_111346OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOtanaha Fortress is a historic fort in Gorontalo which have been built in the 15th century although at this time no longer intact as before. Otanaha Fortress is located in the Village Dembe I, Kota Barat sub-district, Gorontalo. Based on many resources, Otanaha fort was built in 1522 by King Ilato. The fort was built on the initiative of the Portuguese master of the ship docked at the Port of Gorontalo. The initial goal was as defense and security of the nation from attack. According to some sources, the fort was only built from a mixture of sand and limestone. while the adhesive comes from the egg Maleo. This fort actually has three names in three of fortress, which Ulupahu, Otahiya, and Otanaha. But it is  more popularly known as Otanaha Fort.


Otanaha fort above the hill. To reach the the fort, we had to climb hundreds of steps to the hill. But if it is not able to climb the hundreds of stairs, we could drive to that place. A motorcycle or a car can climb the hill. This is because there is an asphalt road leading to the top of the hill which can be passed by vehicles.


After reaching the top of a hill, in addition to seeing the historic fort visitors can also see views of Gorontalo city from a height. It also can see the view of Lake Limboto adjacent to these walls. But when we visited the citadel, the view was not so nice.


We as Limboto lake was dry. that just looks lake with a little water and expanse of land with grass. For us, no problems with it. it was quite interesting when viewed landascape city of Gorontalo and forest across the lake.


Thank you Otanaha Fortness. You are amazing!

2 thoughts on “Otanaha Fortress, a historic fort in Gorontalo

  1. Rist says:

    Saya ada beberapa objek waktu kesana tapi belum sempat ditulis. Gorontalo punya banyak tempat/alam yang menarik banget. Sayangnya belum sempat saya kunjungi, dilain waktu semoga bs kesana lagi.


  2. chris13jkt says:

    Menarik sekali. Aku belum pernah ke Gorontalo dan tulisan Risti bisa aku pakai jadi referensi kalau sekali waktu aku sampai ke sana. Makasih ya . . 🙂


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